Traveller’s Creepy Airbnb Experience Leaves America Stunned

A traveler’s creepy Airbnb find has left Twitter stunned. It also adds more fuel to the argument (which did the rounds earlier this week) that hotels are due a come-back as we come out of this pandemic era.

The find? Twitter user @Britered66 She claimed she found two cameras in her Airbnb, which she discovered after two days of staying there.

“My last AirBnB had 2 cameras, one in bdrm & one in living rm in front of sleep sofa where my son slept & dressed. Once discovered after 2 days I nicely blocked lens. Very chilling to know someone was likely watching us undress/sleep/sex. I don’t know if I’ll ever use one again.”

She said this in response to another Twitter user asking his followers: “Why are y’all still choosing AirBnB over hotels?” and claiming “Prices are no longer as reasonable as before; They cost just as much as hotels… Hotels provide housekeeping, room service, fresh towels, & better service” as well as no cleanup fees and no surprise guests.

Another Twitter user, Mylie Moore, claimed she had also found cameras in her Airbnb and that her host went through her trash, and then wrote a review about her trash.

The discussion didn’t end there. Another user said this creepy find could also happen in a hotel.

Others said it wasn’t Airbnb’s fault…

…and claimed Airbnb had given them refunds after they made similar creepy finds of their own.

Another provided a handy tip for checking if your room has any cameras. They wrote: “You can use your phone to detect cameras. Turn all the lights off and get it the room as dark as possible, turn the camera on your phone on and use it to the scan the room. On the phone’s screen, cameras show up as small lights.”

This isn’t the first time people have taken to the Internet to share their creepy Airbnb stories. On Reddit, one user, a couple of years ago, posted a super creepy looking room to the r/oddlyterrifying community with the caption: “Creepy place I found on airbnb a while ago. North of England. I seem the remember the description saying something like ‘amazing for couples or families.’”

Another, in a “what’s your creepy Airbnb story,” thread, said: “My fiance and I were staying at an AirBnB in Helsinki to visit family. When we got there and got settled, we were chatting about things we thought were missing in the apartment, specifically I remember saying I wished there was another towel hook in the bathroom (there was only 1 and obviously 2 towels being used).

“The next day we went out and were out pretty much all day, and when we got back that night there was another towel hook in the bathroom…”

Reddit user 15sunflowers

Oh, and another shared the time they kept getting “checked in on” by their host (while another claimed to have found passports with blood on them).

It can also go the other way, with some hosts complaining about creepy guests.

Though these kinds of creepy finds are quite rare, it goes to show – if you want the added freedom and ‘cool’ factor of staying in an Airbnb over a hotel, you have to take a slightly higher risk that you could end up with a weird or creepy host.

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