The Life Changing Power of Telling the Truth – September 2021

For me, the single most thrilling aspect of life coaching—and why I became a men’s coach at all—is because I love watching guys get honest with themselves and with each other. I find truth between guys so exhilarating, because it’s the exact opposite of how I grew up. The men in my family had a … Read more

A Guy’s Gotta Love Himself First – February 2022

I started seeing a Los Angeles-based therapist who specializes in love addiction. In our first session, he told me something that rocked me: “You have to change your definition of love, Sean,” he said. “To you, love has meant intensity, anxiety, the high of getting your parents’ fleeting attention for a few minutes … and … Read more

Men’s Vintage Shopping Guide | Valet.

What do you look for in finding the right piece of vintage clothing? “It’s got to feel good—the fabric, the weight and the construction—as well as look good,” says Davis. Both he and Darrell seek out the same things when shopping for vintage clothing such as timeless brands, excellent fabrication and enduring quality so the … Read more

3 Fail-Safe Men’s Thanksgiving Outfits

1 TheFriendsgiving If you’re celebrating the day with your close friends, we recommend opting for comfort. You’ll probably eat way too much food and even indulge in the booze a bit. I once had a boss that told me he has a Friendsgiving where you’re only allowed to wear things with elastic waists, and I … Read more

Best Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Special Promotion Shopping early for the holidays has never been easier. Hugo Boss has kicked off their Black Friday/Cyber ​​Monday sale and to help get you started, we pulled out some of their best-selling products. There are casual favorites, from pique polos to comfy joggers, and more sophisticated staples like this coat, cut from a … Read more