Spring Beauty Edit 2022: The Bare Essentials

As we prepare to dust off the cold and gray days of winter and shed some layers of clothing, it’s a good time to refresh our beauty routines. We take meticulous care to make sure we’re hydrated and protected from the harsh weather in the winter.

With spring comes renewal, cleaning out the old to make room for the new. The beauty world is still on a high from Fashion Week, where we saw some pretty familiar trends that seem to be here to stay, but also some fun things that you can add to your regime this spring.

Spring Beauty Edit 2022: The Bare Essentials

As we know with trends, they tend to come and go, but in this beauty edit, we’re giving you some things that you can take with you in spring and beyond. This beauty guide should give you a pretty good start for your spring beauty finds, from skincare to makeup and even trends with hair and nails.

Hair: Spring Edition

When it comes to spring hair, the category is volume. Big hair is here to stay, whether that’s your huge natural afro, beautiful locs, full locs, or a soft and wavy sew-in or half wig. Remember Farrah Fawcett’s hair? That’s the wave this spring… Hair color for spring is also tapping into your fun side; try some spray in hair color that’s temporary and can be easily removed with a good wash and conditioner. For those of us with textured hair, we want to be careful not to use products that will strip our hair of moisture.


My favorite look that I’m seeing for spring is braids with beads. This is not only nostalgic to me, but it’s refreshing to see Black women embracing their inner child by wearing braids with “clack-clack” beads on the ends, just like we did when we were little. You can search Tik-Tok for many inspired styles and find a local hair braider to execute your vision for you.

Skin is In

I don’t know about you, but I love my skin to be glowy all year long. Thankfully, there aren’t many skincare trends because having a good skincare routine is always in style. In the spring, you want to keep your exfoliating rituals up, perhaps switching to a chemical exfoliator instead of a manual scrub.

Exfoliating helps to improve skin issues like clogged pores hyperpigmentation and reduces the look of redness or dark marks from acne. Try the ELF Cosmetics Gentle Peeling Exfoliant- $10.00 This gentle peel is perfect for sensitive skin and can gently remove dead layers of skin to reveal a smooth and even complexion.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one kit that gives you everything you need from cleansing to toning and treatment, I recommend Absolute Joi Double Cleansing Oil Kit with Retinol Night Oil – $85.00.

Dr. Anne formulated this skincare line for melanated skin concerns like hyperpigmentation. The award-winning Retinol Night Oil helps you wake up with refreshed skin while treating your specific skincare concerns.

Did you think we’d talk about skincare without mentioning sunscreen? Not likely! Sunscreen is needed all year round, for ALL skin types, yes, even us Black folks. Despite the many many rumors that melanated skin doesn’t require sunscreen, we know by now that that is entirely false. Those dark marks that you can’t seem to get rid of can be aided by using a sunscreen that is at least 35 SPF.

One of my favorite skincare lines, Glow Recipe, recently announced that they are releasing a sunscreen with SPF 50, Watermelon Glow Niacinamide mineral Sunscreen-SPF 50– retails for $34.00 is a gentle chemical and sunscreen that hydrates and gives your skin a glow while protecting it from harmful UV rays. Whatever sunscreen you choose, make sure you’re applying it daily on your face and neck.

Makeup is Fun Again

Of course, the one thing that I keep a close eye on in the spring is makeup trends making their way to the forefront. This spring, makeup is fun again, hallelujah! Colorful, out-of-this-world blush, black lipstick, and insane eyeshadow are a few things I’m most excited about. Here’s what I firmly believe, makeup is always supposed to be fun and express your creative side, whatever that may be. So go ahead and express yourself this spring.

After many moons of being covered with a mask, and I still am, I love that the eyes are getting major play this fall. For eyeshadow, gone are the sculpted, super precise eyeshadow looks. Instead, swiping a wash of color on your eyelids and sampling it up with a colorful graphic eyeliner will replace the heavy cut crease and smokey eye.

Graphic eyeliner has been having a moment since last year, and I love all of the creative ways that you can draw a design on your eyes. Glitter eyeliner is also having a moment because that adds to the creativity of the graphic eye trend. In addition, the NYX Professional Makeup Retractable Eyeliner Pencil in white can be used to draw a graphic line on the top or bottom lid.

Blush, blush, and more blush is the wave this spring. Colorful cheeks in matte shade will set off your spring makeup look. Don’t be afraid to go with a red or purple blush for some extra razzle-dazzle. Let your cheekbones be the stand out in your makeup application. Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Divine Powder Blush-Lovestruck- is an excellent option for ultimate color that lasts in a shade that is flattering on deeper skin tones.

Black lipstick is one of my favorite things, and you don’t have to wait until Halloween to wear it. Be daring, step out in a black liquid lipstick with a graphic eyeliner, and watch all heads turn your way. When wearing black lipstick, precision is key when applying it. Make sure you prep your lips thoroughly and use a lip liner to get the look just right. Try the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain – in the shade Night Bird. This is a matte black shade, and because it is a liquid lipstick, it is meant to last.

Your One Stop Spring Beauty Shop

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This spring, regardless of whether you follow trends or not, refresh your makeup and skincare stash. Go through and make sure you’re not using expired products. If you’ve had that same mascara since last Christmas, it’s time to toss it and get a new one. That face cream you haven’t used but once from two springs ago? Let it go and get something new.

Let us know what your beauty trends are for the spring. Do you try new things or rotate your tried and true items?

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