Mickey Sumner on ‘Snowpiercer,’ Sustainable Skin Care and the Best Beauty Advice Mom Trudie Styler Ever Gave Her

Season three of TNT’s dystopian thriller Snowpiercer may be set on a train in a post-apocalyptic world that has frozen over, but, for today, actress Mickey Sumner is ready to take on some slightly lighter subjects—skin care, head-shaving and hair masks—from her home in sunny California.

You’re really into sustainability. Who do you think is doing it right beauty-wise?

“I just started using OSEA and I love it. Any brand that does packaging in glass, well done! Why can’t everyone do this? I love it. It’s seaweed and it’s California-based, so it’s local for me. I’m big into Tatcha, too. I just bought David’s Natural Toothpaste. It’s a good one and it comes with this cute key that you roll up so you don’t waste anything. I’m also really into MOD Body Oil, too. I think that brand is genius. The oil is non-fragrant and it is heaven.

Unfortunately, it’s in plastic, which is a shame, but my colorist, Aura, just put me onto K18. It’s a hair mask and it’s insane. My hair has really changed—I have half a head of hair so I’ve been trying to grow it back quickly, and this feels like it’s helping.”

Your character, Bess Till, has a pretty specific style on the show. What do they use on-set to get you into the role?

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“Half my head is shaved, and they shave it every other day, which sets me up for the character. It’s basically a ritual—it’s really an amazing moment to be able to sit in the chair and have my head shaved and turn into her. It’s very much, ‘Okay, there she is! I’m ready!” My hair has been a big part of my character development and we have a lot of discussions about it. It’s also evolved over the seasons, which has been fun.

I do wear makeup on the show, which is dramatic and really well done. Sometimes, it’s the end of the world and there is Till wearing eyeliner! Before I go to work, I use Dr. Gross’s Daily Peel Pads. It’s nice to have that daily exfoliation.”

What do you do to take time for yourself?

“I’m a mom of a five-year-old, and I really didn’t take care of myself in the beginning years. It was all just so overwhelming, but now I’m trying to carve out that time. Now that he’s a bit older, I realize how important it is. I try to have massages and I’m really into microcurrent. When I’m in New York, I go to Stillpoint Beauty. They do microcurrent facials, which aren’t invasive, but I love it. I love the way it feels, I love the results. I’m also a fan of Ricari Studios for self-care.”

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Your mom is Trudie Styler. What’s the best piece of beauty advice she ever gave you?

“Her big message was always, ‘Feel good,’ especially when we would go shopping. She would always ask, ‘Do you feel fabulous? If you don’t feel fabulous, take it off. Wear clothes that make you feel confident, wear clothes that make you feel great.’ I think I definitely took that on. I try not to get too involved in the fads and the trends; I’m more interested in wearing clothes that make me feel great every day— even if it’s for the reason that the fabric just feels good on, and I think that is really good advice.

But my mom is also very glamorous. I watched her have her hair and makeup done when I was a kid; I was always a part of the fun. I remember sitting in her bathroom, watching her get ready for things, and the makeup artist would do my eyelashes or do my hair. It’s a great memory I have of growing up with her.

What are you most excited about for this year as we get into February?

“I go back to work soon; we go back to Snowpiercer season four at the end of March. We move to Vancouver for that and I get to see my cast and my crew. They’ve all become family at this point. Especially during the pandemic, there’s an isolation aspect so I’m excited to go to work every day and see their faces and have that sense of community again. I love working and I love playing this character. I think I’m moving house. I don’t know where I’m moving to, but there’re some big life changes ahead for me. I separated from my husband and we’re learning how to co-parent, so it’s a big year. But I’m feeling good about it all, and I’m excited about what’s next.

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