How a Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Masters the Art of Facial Reshaping

Facial plastic surgeon B Danielle Ward, MD, a Salt Lake City-based plastic surgeon, notes that facial rejuvenation patients are trending at a younger age. “The shift we’ve seen in my practice and across the country has been with patients seeking rejuvenation at a younger age. These patients don’t want to look younger; they simply want to look fresh or have their persistent double chin or round face treated. They realize they don’t need to go through their lives feeling insecure about these issues and what we’ve found is that by modifying the muscles and soft tissues of the face and neck, we enhance the patient’s natural, beautiful features.”

“Gone are the days of facial surgery that leaves a visibly tighter appearance,” says Dr. Ward. Now, the cosmetically savvy patient chooses to have alterations that give him an overall more attractive aesthetic rather than a full-on lift. “Too often, we’ve made the mistake of thinking that the answer to making a person look younger or better involves stretching or tightening the skin, which leaves an odd, unnatural appearance,” he says. “Instead, what I do is reposition the muscles and reduce fat in certain key areas, which gives a beautiful, elegant appearance. We change the proportions of the face to make it fit better for that individual and to better highlight their natural beauty.”

In-depth facial analysis

Dr. Ward begins with a personal evaluation that, in addition to a full examination, includes a 3D facial and a CT scan to assess the patient’s skin and tissues. He views this process as an architect looking at the site of the next project. “This evaluation allows me to assess the quality of their skin, the soft tissues, and any concerns about the bone underneath,” the surgeon says. “By looking at the 3D images and correlating them with the findings we find on the CT scans of the face, which show the bones, muscles and underlying tissues, we can come up with a comprehensive treatment plan.”

“Patients love the fact that we can show them the facial structure and use that information to determine the exact treatment needed – before we go to the operating room,” he says. “They are often shocked to learn how something they don’t like about their face may be caused in part by elements of their face they can’t see on the surface. Problems like small cheekbones or small chins can have a huge impact on what we see outside.”

customized approach

As a facial expert, Dr. Ward says his number one goal is to achieve balance and harmony in the face in the most natural way possible. “I had a patient come to me and he told me he was upset about his nose, but after careful analysis, we found that it was actually a small sized chin that contributes to poor facial harmony. For someone with fullness under the face, the problem might be related to the deeper neck tissues and the answer might be chin augmentation. A deep neck lift and surgical face contouring to remove some facial fat and reposition the muscles.” These structural changes, rather than simply addressing the specific problem that is bothering the patient, allow the entire ‘structure’ of the face to be addressed to truly address the patient’s concerns.

Whether it is a male or female patient, Dr. Ward notes that the best tool he has is his artistic sense and technical ability to translate this art to enhance and accentuate the natural beauty of his patients: “My goal is not to change a patient’s identity – I want to improve it. Our faces are directly linked to our unique identities. Someone might come He says he doesn’t like the hump on his nose, and they are not satisfied with it. My job is to first identify the aspects of everyone’s faces that make them beautiful, such as their mesmerizing eyes or their beautiful smile. Then I use my aesthetic sense and technical expertise to enhance those beautiful features and tackle other attention-stealing facial features From the eyes, lips or other focal points.By doing so, we can fulfill our mission of “improving life by inspiring confidence”.

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