23 Best Joggers for Men in 2022: Nike, Ralph Lauren, Lululemon, and More

Well, you got us: The best track pants for men are basically just sweatpants. it’s the truth. Guilty as charged. But “essentially” is the practical word here, and in this single seemingly obvious term lies a world of abstraction. Because jogging isn’t Just Sweatpants, at least not really.

Sure, most of them come with an elasticated waistband, or perhaps a drawstring closure. And many come in the same ultra-soft French terry or brushed fleece as your favorite sweats. But at their core, joggers remain a separate category of sleepwear, a powerful subtype of sportswear for themselves. Keep in mind that the runner is a close cousin to sweat pants—there are family similarities (those tapered ankle cuffs, the snug fit), but the differences remain. The most important among them? Sweatpants can be worn less casually than their relatives, especially when they are made of fabrics with more chinos than sweats. (While being completely transparent, we strongly advise against pairing them with anything more formal than your most luxurious lounging gear.)

If the thought of the silhouette is enough to conjure up images of some nightmare cargo joggers with dozens of outer pockets, calm down. The best running men have nothing in common with a type Pants related atrocities Greg Kelly might stick to the schedule. And whether you’re in the market for a pair of skinny fleece pants to wear around the house, or some moisture-wicking tech joints to wear at the gym, there’s a pair of track pants out there for you. Even better, they’re probably on this list.

Fitness selection

Let’s Play a Game: Name the product specs, and we’ll confirm if ABC’s Lululemon’s runner owned them. An extra extension for on-the-go navigation? Check. Secure back pockets? naturally. Touch of elastane for a snug but not restrictive fit. come on now. What do you think this joke? If all that—and a host of moisture-wicking properties for good measure—seems like a situation your gaming could get into, the entire package could be yours for just under Benjamin.

Rich Guy Beck

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Saint Laurent leather track pants

For nearly a decade now, Kanye has been making the rounds to make a big fuss for him Essa, a press frenzy that resulted in some of his most memorable appearances of all time. On the brink of a new era of Kanye’s style (it sure looks a lot like the aesthetic she honed during Essa days), it is only appropriate to re-visit the pants most closely associated with that period. Those buttery lambskin joggers are the ones to do it—whether you’re after beef drake’s breath smell or you just want to wear really sick pants with the leaves discolored.

the classic Classic Pick

Champion powerblend retro track pants

Champion’s core premise hasn’t changed much over the years: Make a killer sweat at an affordable price and customers will come. And come have them! These aren’t fancy sweatpants (ahem) that have a price tag of close to 5k. what are they Act Include an exceptionally soft feel, durable 3D-stitched construction, a trend-resistant design, and a retro design that will keep you reaching for it again and again – no matter how many more expensive counterparts you collect.

The new classic choice

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Polo Ralph Lauren classic wool track pants

Are you looking for a regular pair of basic jogging pants? You have come to the wrong place. Made of ultra-soft jersey fabric, the Polo hinges may look simple, but its trim design belies the level of attention the brand pays to its products. These are classic jogging pants designed with timelessness in mind, the kind of pants your kids will discover as they navigate through whichever augmented reality platform your images travel to in the future, and then ask you to borrow a STAT. Add it to your closet now and watch with pride as your offspring ask you to resurface years later.

nike pick

Nike Sportswear club . Sweatpants

Nike makes a lot of different things. For our money, though, some pieces in the Swoosh collection are better than the brand’s fleece pants, the kind of high-quality sweats that can stand up to the grime of a squat stand and still look good—great, even when rolling over to a brunch straight from the gym. Largely unadorned except for a small logo on the upper thigh, these are reductive runners who will have a hard time quitting, even when social etiquette dictates that they are no longer the appropriate option. Best of all? Right now, it’s selling for just over $50.

18 More Running That We Love

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Gramicci fleece track pants

ATTENTION: Summer shorts are now the sweat you’ll be living through all winter.
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The Elder Statesman . cashmere track pants

If you’re going to drop a month’s rent on a sweat, you should come in a screaming shade of pink hibiscus and made from the most luxurious cashmere on the planet.


Sheikh of state

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Adidas Originals 3-Stripe High Drawstring Fleece Sweatpants

Thick, fleece-lined track pants deflect more Drake in their chart-topping tops better, and less than Drake in Reruns Degrassi.

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Biker Rick Owens ran

Pants that say, “Peloton is the only sign of life in the uninhabitable, uninhabitable warehouse loft.”

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Balenciaga logo cotton track pants

Make like Ye and Demna-ify your entire wardrobe, sweats and all.
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John Elliot Clincher Run

Surprise, surprise: John Elliott—the Los Angeles designer indirectly responsible for every pair of high-top sweatpants in your closet—also makes the perfect jogger.
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Hanes pocket pants

Pair it with a beanie, a chubby long-sleeved shirt, and some cooked AF1s to make your early morning coffee make menswear dreams come true.
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The North Face Fleece Sweatpants

Live out your caving fantasies in high-flying style.

Todd Snyder, an Italian jogger at Camp Rabat

Cutting anything but high-rise dress pants in Italian cotton might sound like rowing, but Todd Snyder rocks the landing in style.

Bonobos Lightweight Jogger

Because no one has to know that your pants come with the kind of indulgent quad stretch that’s usually endemic to less toxic options.

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Gap French Terry Joggers

Forget Yeezy Gap. These comfortable Terry French sweats are highly approved.

Mountain Sunday performance run

The fan-favorite Vuori jogger comes with a tapered leg that stops just above the ankle, the perfect length for flaunting a particularly crunchy pair of kicks.

Middleweight jogger Ron Ren

Medium weight pants for heavy-duty comfort.

Under Armor Knitwear Sports Pants

The elite-level, four-way stretch, waterproof track pants are sealed with the industry’s leading UA seal for durability.

Beams Plus . Fleece Wide Leg Joggers

Nordstrom’s latest drop of new concepts features a large selection of ready-to-drop merchandise that you should check out. But if you only copied one piece of the selection, these runners, courtesy of Japanese retailer Beams, would be a smart move.

Flint and Tinder 365 . run

Can’t get enough of your favorite workout pants? Flint and Tinder ’em make for an office-friendly look, too.

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